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North Sunrise Little League: General Info

Welcome to North Sunrise Little League (NSLL)
This page is designed to hopefully answer some of your questions about NSLL and Little League in general.

Mission Statement

The mission of the local league shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be decent, healthy and trustworthy adults.

To achieve this objective, the local league will provide a supervised Program of instructional and competitive baseball and softball games under the rules and policies of Little League Baseball, Incorporated. Directors, officers and members shall bear in mind that stressing exceptional athletic skills or winning of games is secondary, and that the type of leadership extended is of prime importance.

Little League is a non-profit organization run by ordinary people volunteering their time. NSLL depends on sponsors, fundraisers, and snack bar support to survive. There are several areas where people can volunteer. Coaching, team parent, umpiring, field maintenence, helping with fund raisers, working snack bar just to name a few.

Little League has several division starting from T-Ball all the way to Senior league. The birthday cutoff for Little League is April 30th (Your child's age on April 30th is there Little League age)

Little League Divisions


(4 and 5 years old)

Single A

(6 and 7 years old) 6 yr olds must have played one year at T-Ball. Coach or machine pitch


(8 and 9 years old) Some cases there will be 7 or 10 yr olds in AA. First year of kid pitch.


(10 and 11 years old) Some cases there will be 9 and 12 year olds in AAA


(11 and 12 years old) On rare cases there could be 10 year olds in Majors


(13 years old)


(14-16 years old)
A typical Little League season time frame is: (check back on this website for exact dates)
  • Registration
Early November thru December
  • Tryouts
Early January
  • Player Drafts
(players get picked on teams) - mid January
  • Practice begins
late January / early February
  • Opening Day
(season begins) - Last week of February or first week in March
  • End of Season
Third week in May
  • City Tournament
(for AA, AAA and Major divisions) - last week in May
  • Closing Ceremonies
Early June (dates vary)
  • TOC
(Tournament of Champions) early to mid June
  • AllStar Announcement
(9 through 12 yr olds) - mid June
  • AllStar Tournaments
Early July (normally lasting 2-4 weeks or longer)

Sign-ups / Registration

NSLL Registration (signups) usually start early in November and go through the middle of December (check the website for exact dates, times and locations). Registration fees vary from year to year but are usually between $165 and $185. registration fees usually cover the costs for player uniforms (jersey & hat), basic photo package (both team and individual picture), and trophies. 


Each year all players ages 8 through 12 will be required to tryout. Some 7 year olds can also tryout if there is a chance they could be drafted to AA (usually parent requested).  Tryouts typically happen in mid Janurary and are helpful for the Managers who are preparing for their player draft. Players are separated by age. Each age group has a different time to tryout (tryout times are assigned to the players during registration).
During Tryouts, each player will participate in three different stations:
- Outfield, player will get 2 fly balls (player throws ball to second base)
- Infield, players will get 2 grounders at Shortstop (player throws the ball to first base) Then the shortstop goes to first base to be the first baseman for the next shortstop.
- Batting, each player will get 3 pitches from a pitching machine, after the third pitch, the batter will run the bases.


Each year players and Managers vote for the players they think should represent NSLL for their All-Star teams. The voting is usually in mid May. Players and Managers can only vote for players on other teams (they can't vote for players from their own team) Players also vote for their All-Star Managers. All-Star rosters are usually announced around June 15 (this date is set by Little League). All-Star tournament games usually begin early July and last between two and four weeks (depending how far they advance) The Little League World Series is usually in late August. 

- Major All-Stars (11-12 year old) National Team
- 11 year old State Team
- 9-10 year old State Team (sometimes called the "A Team")
- 9-10 year old District Team (sometimes called the "B Team")